Breaking News: Prince Mona Audu Foundation Award 10 Kogites a Trip to Dubai

Princess Zahrah Mustapha Audu, Prince Mustapha Audu and The Mona Foundation wants to Appreciate 10 great promising young Kogites.

The first two are Mustapha Etemayi Sule and Musa Abdulrahaman Idoko.

We are proud to be associated with two great young Kogites like them.

From the very first day, they have been hard working, dedicated, motivated and highly committed. They put the future of Kogites before their own personal interests and have given their very best.

They are always eager to learn even when they make mistakes. The future of Kogi State is bright with such young, intelligent and motivated people.

We want to appreciate them with a trip to Dubai for 6 days all expenses paid. We hope they can learn new things on their trip and visit a few sites so they can bring in new ideas 💡 and expand their horizons.

We love you guys dearly and we will continue to appreciate all the little guys who make sure PMMA and The Mona Foundation stay committed to the betterment of all Kogites.

We believe a merit based system is the only way Nigeria 🇳🇬 and especially our dear Kogi State can truly improve.

Let those who work hard be rewarded for their efforts and Nigeria 🇳🇬 will be the greatest nation in the World 🌍.

Keep working hard boys and the world will truly be your oyster.

8 more great young and promising Kogites to go. Do not forget to apply to The Mona Foundation if you are a Kogite and you are in need of assistance.

Signed PMMA.

Service to Others is the rent you pay for the room you have in Heaven.
– The Mona Foundation

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