About Us

Kogifirst is #1 online news and entertainment
platform by audience in Kogi state.

Leading the way

Who we are

Kogifirst.com is a modern Kogites digital media platform.

In today’s world, there are tons of informational
clutter. But we are here to select and emphasise the
vital information, that is interesting, entertaining and

“Our mission is to be your guide, that leads the way through the news.”
Our editorial team works to continually improve our
audience experience by analyzing their content
preferences, while our engineers implement the
cutting-edge technology to build the most convenient
digital platform in Kogi State.

“Every 5th Internet user in Kogi State is a Kogifirst.com reader”

“Every 6th Nigerian who is on Facebook is Kogifirst.com page subscriber”

We create content that matters

Our content is not only interactive and outstanding but also makes an impact and changes the world for the better.

Our values

We have strong beliefs, which content, marketing and engineering teams follow in everything they do

Kogifirst Achievements

1. Kogifirst.com is ranked among
the top 2 websites in
Kogi State.

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